15 Effective Solutions to Increase Your Sperm Count


Fertility problems can hamper a couple’s chance to conceive. Experts believe that in the recent years there have been a lot more fertility related cases with about 40 per cent related to male infertility. A man’s semen is said to be fertile when it contains over 15 million sperm per millilitre. A drop in this sperm count is one of the major reasons for male infertility. There are several reasons that affect a man’s sperm count, combating these causes and trying out a few healthy remedies can effectively aid your sperm count and quality. Here are a few solutions to do so.

1 ) Allow your testicles to thrive in a cool environment. Wearing tight pants or briefs cause the testicles to get warm which in turn hampers the sperm production. Ensure that your testicles remain cool and have enough breathing space. Choose loose and comfortable boxers over tight briefs. Sleeping without underwear will also give your testicles some time to cool down

2) Smoking can adversely impair your sperm count and motility. A study also claimed that men who smoked had 22 per cent fewer sperms than men who didn’t. Cutting back on cigarettes can boost sperm count.

3) Alcohol too affects a man’s sperm. It does not only lower sperm count, it also affects the hormone testosterone which is referred to as the male sex hormone.

4) Regular and moderate exercising can help release testosterone which in turn boosts sperm production

5) Obesity is another reason that has been linked to low sperm count. A study claimed that obese men were 42 per cent more prone to have low sperm count. The study also claimed that obese men were 81 per cent more likely to have no sperm at all on ejaculation. Losing weight with a healthy diet and exercise regime will not only combat obesity but will also boost ones testosterone and sperm count.

6) A diet high in proteins, vegetables and whole wheat, and low in fat is termed to be beneficial to a man’s sperm. Try and add fish, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables to your diet. Nuts and seeds such as walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds can help increase sperm count. Avoid soy based foods and soda as these can seriously affect sperm health.

7) A full body massage with herbal oils will boost overall blood circulation. Increased circulation aids sperm production.

8) Whether you have sex too often or you masturbate too much, cut down on these things so that you give your body enough time to produce enough sperms.

9) Experts believe that using excess lubricant and vaginal tablets can also kill the sperm.

10) Toxin exposure is not only harmful for your sperm health but also to your overall health. If you work around a lot of chemicals, make sure you wear the right gear that covers you adequately. If you use chemical cleansers at home, try and substitute them with natural cleansers

11) Stress is also deemed to be one of the major sperm killers. Try various relaxation techniques or practise yoga and meditation to beat stress.

12) There are a few supplements made from herbal ingredients that aid sperm health. Opt for such supplement under a doctor’s guidance.

13) A study claimed that cycling for long hours can also affect the shape and quality of your spermatozoids. The study found that the test subjects that systematically cycled for 300 kilometres a week had a decrease in sperm production.

14) Since sperms need a cool environment for optimal health, try avoiding saunas and hot baths. This does not mean that you should avoid them completely, just make sure you don’t overdo them, especially when you’re trying to conceive.

15) Keeping your laptop on your lap or your cell phone in your pocket also tends to increase the temperature in the area around your crotch. This too can affect your sperm health. Avoid doing so.


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