What to do after your first failed IVF cycle?

woman-holding-pregnancy-testThe first IVF cycle often leads to successful pregnancy, however in some cases, it may not!

For most of the couples, second round of IVF cycle with either fresh or frozen embryo transfer proves to be successful. Many couples are clueless to the process after negative pregnancy test. So what is recommended to do by IVF experts worldwide….

Spend plenty of time resting and letting all stress settle down. The news itself can be devastating, thus you would need plenty of support and time to ease out.
Whenever possible reach out to your Fertility Care provider or clinic and discuss the probable reason for the failure.
Consider taking next cycle, this time with changed protocol, or different doctor. You can also switch the IVF clinic as per your convenience. Get an account of how many embryos you have frozen and what precaution you have to take for the next cycle.
Sometimes, it is difficult to pin out actual reason for the failure of IVF since it’s a complex process. However make sure your IVF expert is paying full attention to your program and you are meeting all the directions advised.
Many times, second or the consecutive cycle leads to positive pregnancy, as well as live birth. Thus, first cycle is too early to give up on your hopes to become pregnant.


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