Why foreigners from all over the world travel to Ukraine for surrogacy?

For a long time surrogate motherhood has been a a topic for stormy debates and controversies around the world. Many European countries still cannot legitimize this method of assisted reproductive technology (ART) because of religious and ethical reasons. Infertile couples also respect the laws of their own countries and to avoid breaking them find solutions to their infertility problems in those countries where it is permitted by law.

Until recently, the popular medical destinations for surrogacy programs were India, Thailand and Mexico. However, when the local authorities of these states had imposed a ban on ART’s programs for foreigners, infertile European couples began searching for happiness of parenthood in other countries. Ukraine was also among them.

Although geographically Ukraine is situated in Europe, but actually is the third world country with a low level of economy, political instability and military operations in the east of its land, it managed to become one of the leaders among those countries who can provide medical services in the field of reproduction.

It is well known fact that the services of Ukrainian cardiologists, dentists and especially fertility specialist cost much less than their European counterparts, but the quality and effectiveness even exceed international rate. However, since India and Thailand had banned surrogacy for foreigners, infertile couples went to Ukraine. And, surprisingly, this country worthily withstands the influx of foreign patients.

Ukrainian clinics of reproductive medicine conduct high level surrogacy and egg donation programs according to local legislation. Residents of Italy, England, Spain, France, Germany and everyone who faces the problem of infertility can find in Ukraine everything they could only dream of, in other words, surrogacy program from 30 000 euros (which is much cheaper than in any American clinic), the best donor database, talented doctors, medical packages «all inclusive», a competent manager who is in charge of a program and much more.

Once visiting Ukraine, foreigners see that, in fact, it is a beautiful and hospitable country with highly-qualified doctors, and later they come back again. So, for example, every third couple from Italy who successfully conducted the surrogacy program in Ukraine later returns to have a second child with the help of Ukrainian assisted reproductive technologies.

For more than 15 years Ukrainian clinics of reproductive medicine successfully and legally conduct surrogacy programs for heterosexual couples. Ukraine is an attractive destination, as the cost of this programs are accessible for European citizens, and local laws protect the rights of prospective parents — in the birth certificate, there is no mention of a surrogate mother and only the names of the intended parents are inscribed. Surrogate mother also cannot change her mind and keep a baby for herself.

For a long time Ukraine was an unfamiliar country to most Europeans. This state is not a member of the European Union, doesn’t have advanced economy and infrastructure, and to be honest, doesn’t reach the level of European countries. But Ukrainian medicine has always been popular among foreigners.

First of all, the main criterion for choosing Ukraine for surrogacy is a loyal local legislation and an absence of age limit for ART. Another advantage for foreign patients is a good price compared to foreign clinics. So, for example, in America, you have to pay separately for each service and a surrogacy program costs approximately 45 000 euros. And In Ukraine «all inclusive» package can be acquired with paying a fixed sum of 30 000 euros.

Foreign patients from around the world seek for the treatment in the reproduction centers of Ukraine due to several factors: a sound experience in the field of fertility treatment, positive experience of lots of foreign clients (high success rates of ART programs), abundance and accessibility of information about health centers, high organization of medical process.

Year after year, Ukraine challenges all the stereotypes slowly but firmly. We may objectively notice that competitors are strong enough on a current reproduction market. USA alone is worth a lot. There surrogate child gets U.S. citizenship automatically. Up-to-date equipment, luxurious service and convenient legislation — all mentioned details attract to America many European patients. However, acquiring services of any American clinic, most infertile couples pay for the brand «Made in America.» After all, for any European citizen the US gives more credibility than, for example, little-known Ukraine. But the last mentioned proves to the world that even a third world country can be among the best ones. And a field of reproductive medicine by applying assistive technology is exactly like this in Ukraine.HHHHHHHHH-600x320


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