How to choose surrogate mother correctly — BioTexCom center knows the secret of perfect surrogacy

When a couple decides they are ready to have a baby, a woman starts to prepare carefully for this great event. Mum-to-be undergoes medical examinations, takes various medications if it is needed, leads a healthy lifestyle and prepares to future mothering. An intended mother prepares thoroughly and does her best for her future child to be in the healthiest and most comfortable conditions during all 9 months of pregnancy. In case of surrogacy, woman tries to prepare to her surrogate pregnancy generally the same way as in natural pregnancy.surrogacy

Surrogate mother is a woman who gives her consent to carry a child for an infertile couple. In Ukraine, this procedure is legal and therefore is very popular among infertile Europeans. BioTexCom center for human reproduction, which was opened in Ukrainian capital in order to treat infertile patients from abroad, has a great amount of patients from all over the world. Surrogacy programs in this center are scheduled up to one year ahead.

Many foreigners often have humble opinion concerning Ukraine and its citizens — they consider Ukraine to be a dangerous country, and local medicine to be backward. We may dispel this myth and prove the contrary; in particular, the fact that Ukraine is a European country and local reproductive medicine is one of the best in the world.

So let’s get back to the point of surrogate motherhood program, in particular its main participants — surrogate mothers. Nowadays, there are a lot of ads and online communities where women offer their services of surrogate motherhood, and infertile couples search for someone who will agree to carry their baby. There are a lot of cases when intended surrogate mothers and infertile families find each other not with the help of specialists but via ads, friends, internet sources, etc. They find each other and independently carry out stage of preparation for the medical part of the program. Let’s see whether it is right to search for a surrogate mother without specialist’s support or it’s better to rely on experts in this process.скачанные файлы

In search of surrogate mother, infertile couples often pay more attention to so-called external indicators — in particular, the way woman looks, speaks, behaves, etc. Infertile couples often forget that even though surrogate mother has no genetic connection to the child she will bear, her good somatic and psychological health is extremely important in this issue! Therefore, thorough preparation which includes numerous medical examinations and screenings, as well as psychological checkup is one of the basic conditions of surrogate motherhood program. Moreover, it is better not to entrust this important and serious part of surrogacy procedure neither to surrogate mother (she can cheat a couple forging certificates and results of examination) nor to yourself (you may know nothing about medical examinations and requirements for intended surrogate mother). It is better to entrust the process of surrogate mother selection and health screening to professionals.

In BioTexCom clinic, surrogacy program is one of the most sought-after ART procedures by foreign patients. Some couples even come back for the second time, just in a few years after the first successful surrogacy program in BioTexCom clinic. Therefore, medical center’s management team has worked out strict regulations to be followed during selection of potential surrogate mothers. Doctors carefully examine women in accordance with all relevant norms and standards. There is a list of reasons why it’s better to entrust your surrogate mother selection to professionals:

  • Doctors carry out all the necessary medical examinations before surrogacy program starts;
  • Potential surrogate mother undergoes professional psychologist’s checkup that determines if the woman is psychologically ready to participate in such significant and serious program;
  • Experts thoroughly examine all legal aspects of surrogacy, so that it is possible to avoid different problems with both surrogate mother and foreign couple who seeks help in the clinic for human reproduction;
  • Specialists provide participants of surrogacy program with all necessary contracts that must be signed by all parties before the procedure starts;
  • Medical institution bears responsibility for surrogate mother and child she will carry for infertile couple.

The upper mentioned is just the top of the iceberg. When you deal with specialized medical institution like BioTexCom center, you are guaranteed to get the above-mentioned support by high-skilled specialists. As a result, you eliminate tough situations during and after the program.  BioTexCom center for human reproduction has been successfully providing its services for foreign patients for already more than 10 years. Infertile couples who seek help in BioTexCom, come from Germany, England, Italy, Spain, France, Israel and America to take full advantage of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine.

BioTexCom medical center values its good reputation and constantly improves the level of provided services. Clinic has quite strict rules of surrogate mothers selection that were set in the clinic from its first working day. And, as it is known, only 2-3 women of 10 who wish to become surrogate mothers are chosen and can participate in surrogacy program. These are basic requirements for potential surrogate mothers:

  • Age from 21 to 35 years old;
  • Having own healthy child who was born in a natural way;
  • Having good physical health;
  • Having good mental health;
  • Absence of bad habits;
  • Absence of chronic diseases;
  • Absence of contraindications to pregnancy.

After potential surrogate mother has passed all medical examinations and tests, and the results meet all the requirements and established standards, doctor starts surrogacy program. When surrogate mother is taken to the program she signs a contract, and as a result the clinic is responsible for her and her health throughout all stages of the program. Managers who work in the center as well as medical workers regularly consult surrogate mother, give her necessary recommendations and monitor her health condition. After the embryo transfer procedure, surrogate mother regularly visits the clinic — she has a health checkups, ultrasound investigations, and passes necessary tests.

During nine months of pregnancy, the clinic covers all pregnancy-related expenses for a surrogate mother — these are medicines, all medical examinations, travel expenses, as well as accommodation and babysitter for surrogate mother’s child, if it is necessary while she passes medical procedures.

Having surrogate motherhood program in the BioTexCom clinic, you don’t have to worry about different aspects of the program. Customer manager who works with foreign patients will accompany you from the very beginning of the program and till its end — she will monitor all stages of your program, and make your stay in the clinic comfortable and calm. Manager will also regularly send you all the results of the examinations and tests of your surrogate mother, photo and video of ultrasound procedures, as well as recommendations and conclusions of the doctor.

After surrogate mother gives birth to your child, clinic specialists will help you to pass easily all the paper part of the program. After delivery, surrogate mother signs official surrender of child certificate and only names of intended parents are written in the birth certificate. Name of surrogate mother is not mentioned in any document. In addition, DNA test is carried out by the clinic workers. It confirms genetic relation between intended parents and a child born by surrogate mother.

Ukrainian law towards the use of assisted reproductive technologies is one of the most loyal and friendly in Europe. Thus, according to the Ukrainian legislation, surrogate mother has no legal rights and obligations towards the child she delivered in the frameworks of surrogate motherhood program. Moreover, according to law, genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the child she will carry for infertile couple is prohibited. Thus, surrogate mother has no right to change her mind and refuse to give a child after delivery. Ukrainian law protects the rights of parents who use assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine.

BioTexCom center for human reproduction conducts all medical programs using ART in accordance with the local law and, therefore, there are no problematic situations in this center. Likewise, all surrogate mothers as well as clinic’s patients are always satisfied with the results of programs, and have no claims to each other.

Well, and in conclusion, let’s find the answer to the question of who are these women who decide to become surrogate mothers and carry a child for strangers. Why do these beautiful and educated women come to the clinic with intention of becoming surrogate mothers?

In Ukraine, the local law allows commercial surrogacy. It means that carrying a child for infertile family, surrogate mother gets financial compensation. Women who want to become surrogate mothers are often guided by financial aspect. The situations may be different, for example, when woman needs money for the normal raising up and educating of her own children, support of parents and her own family, treatment of close relatives, etc. Surrogate motherhood program provides an opportunity to earn the required amount of money. At the same time, woman who becomes surrogate mother helps childless people, having child for whom was a just a pipe dream. With the help of surrogate mums and assisted reproductive technologies cherished dream about long-awaited child becomes a reality for thousands of infertile couples worldwide.

Commercial component of the program plays only positive role in it. So, you know for sure that surrogate mother wants to earn some money participating in such program, and she is interested in successful program’s outcome and delivering a healthy child no less than you. BioTexCom base of surrogate mothers contains absolutely healthy and educated women, who have their own children. These are beautiful and intelligent women who have higher education and a healthy family.

In any case, it’s no use thinking that you can organize the program by yourself and as a result save some money, for example. The right and best decision is to choose a clinic with a good reputation and high quality of services. BioTexCom center is one of the best ones where you will find professional service, guarantee of positive result and an affordable price. Clinic is responsible for all stages of the program therefore all workers of the medical institution are interested in good result of medical programs.

If you are not a doctor, you will not know details and norms of surrogacy procedure. So, do not put everything on stake and deal only with reputable centers of reproductive medicine and don’t seek help where there is none of it.

BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction! We know all about infertility, and know exactly how to help you!


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